Cocoa butter for cooking: Make Black Forest cake with cocoa butter

Cocoa butter for cooking: Make Black Forest cake with cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is a natural fat which is extracted from cocoa beans. It is one of the most essential ingredients in making cakes and chocolates. It has a milk chocolaty aroma and flavor and hence is a great plus to delicacies and desserts. Cocoa butter is solid at room temperature and melts at body temperature. This is why chocolates melt in our mouth. This post will detail on how to make Black Forest cake using cocoa butter.

Black Forest with cocoa butter: Black Forest cake is the English name for dessert from south Germany which is called “Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte”. It literally means, ‘Black Forest Cherry Torte’. A great delicacy, it has several layers of chocolate cake, whipped cream, garnished with cherries in between each layer. Black Forest cakes are rich in chocolate shavings, maraschino cherries and plenty of whipped cream. Cocoa butter is an important ingredient in the making of Black Forest cakes. Its chocolaty smell and flavor enhance the aroma and texture of a Black Forest cake, making it more delicious to the palate.

Ingredients for making dough:
Eggs – 3 Nos
Milk – 50 to100 ml
Sugar – 150 gm
Sieved flour – 250 gm
Baking powder – 2 ½ tea spoons
Carbonated water – 200 ml
Sieved cocoa powder – 7 gm
Melted butter –  50 gm

Method for preparation of dough:

  • Take a bowl and separate egg yolks from white
  • Add salt and beat egg white until it is stiff
  • Add milk, sugar to the egg yolk  little by little till the mixture becomes creamy.
  • Add flour and baking powder and make dough with half of the carbonated water mix.
  • Add cocoa powder to the egg white and mix well

Method for baking:

  • Take a tray in your desired shape, grease it with butter and pour the dough into the tray
  • Set the timer of the oven for 10 minutes at 180°C .
  • Bake second time with timer set for around 30 to 40 minutes
  • Use tooth pick stick and check if it is cooked well

Preparation of filling:
Sour cherries – 200 g
Sugar – 100 g
Starch mix with water – 25 ml to 40 ml
Kirsch – 5 ml
Fresh cream – 200 g
vanilla sugar –  8 g
Eggs – 2 nos

Method for topping:

  • Cherries for topping.
  • Take water and add cherries in the water
  • Add sugar and boil with corn starch
  • When it is boiled, add kirsch and mix well. Then, let it to rest down.
  • Add fresh cream and vanilla sugar and whip it to get a fine mixture.

Final preparation:

  • Make slices from the baked cake and arrange in layers.
  • First layer: Cake
  • Second layer: Cherries
  • Third layer: Spread egg and fresh cream on the cake
  • Fourth layer: Cake
  • Keep it in refrigeration for a day

The next day, add fresh cream, vanilla sugar and beat well. Use fresh cream and cherries to garnish. Sprinkle chocolate if you want and then, serve.

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