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Bitter butter: 4 ingredients that make cocoa butter dangerous

Cocoa butter is a natural fat product which is also known as Theobroma oil or  Theobroma cacao, which is made from cocoa beans that are pale yellow in color. Cocoa butter is mainly used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. These products of cocoa butter contain B vitamins, magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc, which are good for […]

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Few reasons why you should restrict use of Cocoa Butter

Memories of cocoa butter are always sweet. But cocoa butter has its own kind of bitter memories too, reasons which force people to restrict use of it. There is no chocolate without cocoa butter and cocoa butter has its own medication properties that heals several ailments in many ways. But cocoa lovers all over the […]

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The other side of Cocoa Butter: 3 side effects of Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter has many benefits. No doubts about that. But it doesn’t mean that this natural remedy-for-many-ailments is without side effects. Cocoa butter too has its own set of side effects that may harm you, the user, in one way or another. This article will explore and analyze the most important side effects of cocoa […]

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