Cocoa Butter And Exotic Skin Care

Cocoa Butter And Exotic Skin Care

Cocoa butter is one of those skin caring butters that are considered to be the most sacred of all solutions in terms of nourishing and hydrating the skin. The butter is wonderfully filled with skin nourishing nutrients.

Cocoa butter for skin care: Cocoa butter has been used for scarred skin from time immemorial. It is a great beauty treatment that can hydrate the skin and rejuvenate it with its moisturizing effects. Cocoa butter not just smoothens skin texture, but also makes it look healthy. Below are a few steps that can be used to heal skin using cocoa butter.

Steps to heal skin using cocoa butter: Cocoa butter is a natural extract from cacao beans. It is known for its moisturizing and soothing effects and is also used in several food products.

  • Clean the skin: First, identify the scar you want to eliminate from your skin. Then, clean up the skin in that area. Yes, exfoliate the skin if possible. Keep the scar-region free of any other medications or ointments. Wash with coarse cloth and then, shower the skin. Then, dry it up thoroughly. Never use any oily lotion or treatment on the skin before application of cocoa butter. Ensure that the scar-affected skin area is spotlessly clean and dry.
  • Get cocoa butter ready: You can use cocoa butter from various sources. But the best way out is to use what is extracted naturally. If you want to make the most of cocoa butter, use the one that is raw and un-processed. Using creams or lotions made with cocoa butter as the main ingredient will only inflict trouble if one of the other ingredients is not suitable for your skin. So, be careful on your choice of cocoa butter.
  • Massage onto skin: Firmly massage cocoa butter on your skin. Massage in circular motions on the scar area. Aggressive massaging can actually smoothen the scar immediately. The thick, fibrous collagen of which scars are made will be smoothened. Also, the collagen in the skin will be rejuvenated if you rub properly.
  • Massage until cocoa butter disappears: Yes, massage thoroughly, until cocoa butter disappears. Pure cocoa butter has great moisturizing properties that will hydrate the skin and lubricate it. The skin collagen production will be rejuvenated and will lighten the scars.
  • Apply three times a day: Apply cocoa butter at least three times a day. Regular application can make your skin appear smooth, healthy and hydrated. The scar will also become less visible and at some point, will disappear completely.

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