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What is cocoa butter? Cocoa butter is a fat that is extracted from the cocoa bean. That fat is used for various things, one of which is to make chocolate. Although cocoa butter smells like chocolate, cocoa butter has a bland taste. The cocoa bean is picked from the fields of Africa, India, and South America. It is then sent to factories in Europe and North America. From there, the cocoa bean is produced into the cocoa butter.

When the beans arrive at a chocolate factory, the cocoa beans are first sent to an oven to be roasted. Then, the cocoa beans are cooked from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on what color and texture is desired. Next, the cocoa beans are liquidfied to create a “chocolate liquor”. That liqour is pressed until the liquid chocolate is separated from the solid chocolate. The liquid chocolate is used to make chocolate and cocoa butter, while the solid chocolate is used to create chocolate powder.

Cocoa butter is then mixed with other ingredients to produce a specific lotion.

Once mixed with other ingredients, the cocoa butter based formula is mainly used for the skin. If you hold solid cocoa butter in your hand, it will slowly begin to melt (solely from the heat of your hand). Consequently, any topical product for your skin which contains cocoa butter will be able to be applied to your skin with ease due to the melting temperature for the cocoa butter. This is the main reason cocoa butter is used in topical products for the skin. Rubbing a cocoa butter lotion on your body can help heal callouses, smooth out scars, and make the skin stronger and more flexible. Symptoms of bad skin, such as itchy skin, chapping, and dry skin can also be alleviated by the use of a cocoa butter based formula.

Women who have been though pregnancy find that cocoa butter is effective in reducing and/or removing stretch marks.

Due to cocoa butter’s healing properties for the skin, it is used in most cosmetic products.

Also, cocoa butter has proven to have a big portion of CMP. CMP is a chemical that can help prevent heart attacks and helps against the symptoms of arthritis. Very recently, cocoa butter has been found to contain large amounts of anti-oxididants which promotes the good cholestrol (LDL).

In the ever expanding world of natural products cocoa butter is, has been, and always will be a vital cornerstone of numerous products for both health and beauty.