Break out of your acne-fear: Cocoa Butter for acne scars

Break out of your acne-fear: Cocoa Butter for acne scars

Acne is dreaded by many. An acne-prone face is looked down upon, considered ugly and unpleasant. Though acne is not abhorred as a disease or a condition, it is still a cause for worry in many people. Acne is basically a result of improper maintenance of skin. Caused as an inflammatory response of the body, acne occurs when the sebum bacteria form lesions with the dead follicles of the skin. When such lesions become inflamed and more in number, it can lead to acute acne. This can taut your skin with scars that are determined by the depth of the lesion you had.

Acne scars damage your skin tissue and make it rough and tainted. Blemish less, beautiful skin is not possible with acne. Apart from giving an ugly look to your face, acne also taints the skin with scars. The scar is almost like a mark of injury (of the acne) and this damages the skin to the core. Acne-scars are in fact, a cause for greater worry than acne.

How to cure acne scars?
There are several ways to do it. One tested and proven way is to use cocoa butter. Reason: Cocoa butter is natural, healing and soothing to the skin. Not just that, cocoa butter does what other chemical agents or creams fail to do – it removes the scar and heals the skin completely. But, how is this possible? Before we get down to analyze this, let us try to unravel what is cocoa butter and what are the benefits of using it.

Cocoa Butter – Facts:
Cocoa butter is a vegetable extract made from cocoa beans. Pale yellow in color, it has several applications of which the most prominent are in pharmaceuticals, skincare, toiletries, ointments and skin treatments. Cocoa butter is moisturizing to the skin as it enters the dermal layer of the skin and heals the damage done. It is especially useful in rejuvenating the amount of collagen inside skin layers. This helps it treat stretch marks formed after pregnancy, weight loss or weight gain.

Cocoa Butter for acne scars: Cocoa butter acts as a remedy to control and cure acne scars. Effective in the treatment of acne scars, cocoa butter has been used for a long time in skin care. Though cocoa butter is not directly used, it is the main ingredient of successful creams that heal acne scars. But how does cocoa butter heal acne?

Cocoa butter helps the skin retain its natural moisture. It enhances the growth of tissues and acts as a protective layer that prevents the skin from external factors.  It nourishes the skin with natural oil and replenishes it from summer to winter.

Caution with cocoa butter: However, cocoa butter can cure only acne scars. It cannot cure acne. So, you can use it only when your acne is under control. Else, you will end up creating further breakouts. When used prudently, cocoa butter can make the skin smooth and protect it from harsh climatic conditions.

Application tips: Wash and dry your face before application. Cocoa butter will also help blend the different shades of color on the face. Apply for four weeks every night before bedtime. Check the results and continue if needed. If you have any allergic reactions, stop applying cocoa butter and consult a dermatologist.

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