Puffs, powders, patches: 4 benefits of cocoa butter lotions for women

Puffs, powders, patches: 4 benefits of cocoa butter lotions for women

“Puffs, powders, patches, bibles, billet-doux” – Alexander Pope’s ‘The Rape of the Lock’ could not have described the make-up kit of a woman better than this. Make up has become an important part of a woman’s life so much so that almost every other woman (but for a few) wants to groom herself in the best possible way. Cocoa butter offers the best way to do this personal grooming, thanks to its skin-enhancing properties. Cocoa butter lotions can work magic on your face and body, making you glow in a matter of days. They replenish the skin and make it more supple and soft.

About cocoa butter:
You know it, still a briefing always makes facts clear. Cocoa butter is a fat extracted from cocoa beans, which is mainly used in chocolates and creams and now, in soaps, cosmetics and lotions too. Cocoa butter has a pleasant fragrance and is used as a moisturizer in several beauty products. The antioxidants found in cocoa butter help to promote the benefits of cocoa butter lotion, and has become a popular choice  to keep the skin fresh and wrinkle free.

Cocoa beans are picked and then roasted and pressed to create an aromatic solid. The dough is raised for a solid texture of butter, which is light yellowish in color with the pleasant smell of chocolate. Cocoa butter base is often mixed with other ingredients to form a product. Colors, scents and additives are  blended. Cocoa butter is a natural product for healing the skin.

Why cocoa butter lotion? Cocoa butter is stable at room temperature, but melts at body temperature. So it is easily absorbed by the skin and is used in several creams, cosmetics and lotions. The most important thing is its moisturizing benefit – it moisturizes the skin with sweet chocolate aroma which is used in lipsticks, lip gloss, soaps and skin creams. A popular cosmetic additive, cocoa butter is rich in natural antioxidants.

Benefits of cocoa butter lotion:

1. A good moisturizer: Cocoa butter’s moisturizing lotion reduces skin irritation and avoids dehydration of skin which may cause itchy rashes on the skin. The cocoa mass polyphenol which is available in cocoa butter can prevent skin inflammation. The moisture in cocoa butter helps create a protective shield in the skin and also prevents skin from urine irritation and rashes.

2. Reduces stretch marks: Cocoa butter lotions help reduce the appearance of stretch marks and prevent them from further development. Application of cocoa butter lotions penetrate the lines and heal them.  Pure cocoa butter’s nutritional properties promote production of collagen which gives skin elasticity and reduces stretch marks after weight loss or weight gain.  On regular usage, several people have noticed the difference in the appearance of signs of stretch marks.

3. Treats dermatological problems:
Cocoa butter lotions  are the best for healing severe conditions like eczema and dermatitis. Pure and natural cocoa butter contains cocoa mass polyphenol which controls growth of immuno globulin, the main cause of skin irritations like dermatitis, eczema, skin allergies and psoriasis. Applying cocoa butter can heal dermatological problems and additionally can reduce cancers.

4. Aromatherapy and massage: Cocoa butter cream or lotions have a pleasant smell of chocolate which is the best for massage or aromatherapy treatments. So when we inhale the aroma of cocoa butter from lotions, we can relax our body and mind. The sweet aromatic cocoa butter heals our skin by enriching dry and dull skin.

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