Mommy stuff: Cocoa butter for young mothers

Mommy stuff: Cocoa butter for young mothers

Pregnancy can be stressful. But the most stressful can be the post-delivery period. Many women succumb to postpartum depression after pregnancy. Some women, who are conscious of their physical beauty, will be worried about weight gain or appearance of stretch marks on the skin. Cocoa butter is an ideal treatment for mothers who want to become prim and proper after delivery. It is the best any nursing mother can use after pregnancy.

Cocoa butter treatment for stretch marks remedy is very popular and is widely used for its greater results. The effectiveness of cocoa butter is often proven scientifically in a number of cases. First, let’s look at how stretch marks can be awful on the skin.

Stretch marks as beauty demolishers: Stretch marks are a normal part of puberty for most boys and girls. When a person grows or gains weight quickly (especially during puberty), he/she may get fine lines on the body known as stretch marks. Stretch marks happen when the skin is pulled by rapid growth or stretching. Although the skin is usually fairly elastic, when it is overstretched, the normal production of collagen (the major protein that makes up the connective tissue in one’s skin) is disrupted. As a result, scars called stretch marks form. Stretch marks are also common in young mothers after delivery as the skin is fully stretched at the time of pregnancy and is suddenly loosened after the baby’s birth.

Many of young mothers who are beauty conscious consider stretch marks as their worst enemies. This is because it gives an aged appearance to the skin and the body. This makes them find solution for stretch marks.

Why cocoa butter for stretch marks? Cocoa butter penetrates deeply into the skin and helps prevent stretch marks. As cocoa butter has the natural tendency to melt in body temperature, it spreads into the skin smoothly. It has unique antioxidant properties that diminishes scars while effectively lubricating the skin. An added advantage is that it enhances the elasticity of the skin. Unlike other medications, cocoa butter is the sweetest way to keep you away from severe skin problems.

Usage of Cocoa Butter: Regular application of cocoa butter is highly essential for better results. There are a variety of cocoa butter creams available in the market with the combination of other ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, elastin, collagen, emu oil and vitamin E making the cream more potent in reducing scars and beautifying skin. Get your dermatologist’s advice before using any of these creams available in the market as there are possibilities of certain side effects like allergies etc.

Gently massage cocoa butter cream into all areas of the body where stretch marks are found. To get the best possible results, use enough lotion on the affected area in the morning and evening. Massage onto your skin in a circular motion until it is well absorbed. Using cocoa butter creams during pregnancy will prevent silvery lines from appearing after delivery. Usage of these creams for stretch marks can save one from experiencing embarrassing moments caused by the silvery lines appearing on your tummy, thighs or hips. Apart from this, the intake of a healthy and a balanced diet rich in Vitamin A, C and D, zinc and protein and drinking  lot of water would facilitate the skin to avoid these blemishes and it would remain glowing always.

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