For soft, supple skin: How to make cocoa butter at home

For soft, supple skin: How to make cocoa butter at home

Cocoa butter works like magic on the skin. A byproduct of the chocolate making process, cocoa butter is a stable fat that makes the skin soft and supple. It is a trusted skin moisturizer which repairs skin from damages due to extreme weather. Though there are many cocoa butter products in the market, nothing can beat pure and natural cocoa butter made at home. Making cocoa butter at home also saves money, time and of course, your skin!

Cocoa butter lotions can be categorized as hand and body lotions as these parts of the body tend to dry quickly. This article will explain the steps to make cocoa butter lotion/cream right from your kitchen.

How to make cocoa butter at home: Cocoa butter is an important ingredient in chocolate making and it carries the same significance in the making of body lotions as well.

Things Needed:

  • Cocoa Butter – 1 oz
  • Almond Oil – 1 oz
  • Beeswax – 1 oz
  • Jar
  • Bowl
  • Double Burner or Microwave
  • Adhesive Label

Preparation Method:

1. Mix 1 oz. of cocoa butter  with 1 oz. of beeswax over a double burner. Stir the mix continuously until it melts together. If not in a double burner, you can alternatively heat the items together in a microwave. Heat the mixture for 30-second increments until the ingredients are melted. After each time increment of heat, take out the bowl and stir the mix for even more heating. As the medley begins to melt, lower the heating increments to 15 seconds each to ensure that the ingredients do not burn.

2. Add 1 oz. of almond oil into the melted mixture and stir well until the ingredients are mixed perfectly. A blender can also be used to mix the ingredients. To be simple, you can very well use a spoon. Mixing with a spoon will not take more than two minutes. The lotion will be effective only if these ingredients are blended properly or any of these ingredients may stagnate separately in the container.

3. Pour the blended medley into a jar before the lotion begins to set. This is because when the liquid starts to thicken, it would take the shape of the jar and the additional work of dumping it from another container could be avoided.  After sometime the lotion will begin to settle down as a thick cream in the jar.

4. This homemade cream can be used for approximately one to two weeks. Label the jar using an adhesive label and a marker mentioning the date in which it is produced. This would be helpful in using the cream.

5. Storage guidelines: Place the jar in the refrigerator. Try this simple method of making cocoa butter creams at your home and avoid wasting time searching for the same in the market.

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