Cocoa butter soapmaking: 3 soapmaking recipes you can try at home

Cocoa butter soapmaking: 3 soapmaking recipes you can try at home

People are very scared when it comes to soaps. Soaps made with different or unusual ingredients often become a cause for worry. Those who are conscious of their selves will never buy into such “unusual” soaps. They try their best to stay comforted with the usual kind of soaps. But it is not true. Soaps made with agents that are soft on the skin are always good on the skin also. For instance, soaps made with cocoa butter are elegant and gentle on your skin. Regardless of the other ingredients, cocoa butter yields a soft and suppleness to your skin.

Why cocoa butter for soap?
Cocoa butter is solid white butter extracted from cocoa beans from theobroma cacao plant. Endowed with natural antioxidants, cocoa butter is a great emollient and moisturizer for the skin. When added with Vitamin E, aloe vera, sandal, lavender, rose or other flavors, cocoa butter yields the best soaps.  This combination would  moisturize and heal dry skin and also prevent stretch marks, eczema and dermatitis.

Benefits of using cocoa butter soaps:

  • It  act as a moisturizer and prevents from dry skin
  • It is easily absorbed by the skin
  • It reduces irritation on the skin
  • It  tones up the skin and makes one glow
  • It produces a hard bar with stable lather
  • It treats pimples and prevents one from getting pimples
  • It is good for  stretch marks, dermatitis and eczema

Mandarin Chocolate Truffle Soap

The best scent blend:

Chocolate by Matsushima – 15 ml
Satsuma fragrance oil – 30 ml
Vanilla Bean fragrance – 7 ml
Aquolina oil – 7 ml

Required ingredients:
Cocoa Butter Natural – 200 g
Sweet almond oil – 235ml
Avocado oil -120ml
Coconut oil – 240 ml
Jojoba oil –  270 ml
Mango butter –  85 g
Palm Oil – 120 ml
Palm stearic acid – 60ml

Raspberry Truffle Soap

The best scent blend:
Chocolate  oil –  60ml
Black Raspberry Vanilla fragrance oil – 10 ml.

Required oils
Cocoa Butter – 60 g
Shea butter – 85 g
Mango butter – 30 g
Jojoba oil – 150ml
Coconut – 235ml
Olive oil –  150ml
Palm oil – 85 ml
Sunflower seed oil – 295ml
Sweet almond oil –  235ml

French Chocolate Soap

The best scent blend:
Chocolate oil – 30ml
Pettigrain essential oil – 8 ml
Bergamot essential oil – 15 ml
Vanilla oil – 8 ml

Required oils:
Cocoa Butter Natural – 200 g
Coconut –  220 g
Mango butter –  85 g
Palm Oil –  120ml
Sweet almond oil –  240ml
Avocado oil –  120ml
Palm stearic acid – 60ml
Jojoba oil – 260ml

Soapmaking process is the same for all the above said recipes. Make soap with the essential ingredients and then, add flavors or additives in the end.

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