Cocoa Butter – Fighting Ills

Cocoa Butter – Fighting Ills

Cocoa butter is a wonderful solution for skin care and even as a part of many cosmetics brands. It is very rich and moisturizing in nature and greatly affects the skin texture when applied at night.

Cocoa butter for stretch marks: For many years, people have always touted cocoa butter to be the best medication for stretch marks. Right from grandmothers to TV shows to magazine articles, have lauded cocoa butter as the natural remedy for those ugly, lack luster stretch marks. Before we explore the reasons behind the workings of cocoa butter and whether or not it will work at all, let us analyze the cause behind stretch marks.

Stretch marks appear after pregnancy or sudden weight gain/loss. Otherwise called Striae Distensae, stretch marks appear on account of a rapid stretching of the skin. This occurs during pregnancy or excess weight gain. Collagen, the element which keeps the skin stretchy and elastic, loses its strength and breaks when the skin is stretched all of a sudden. This causes stretch marks, scarring and silver lines on the skin. Result: Your skin looks ugly to you and others.

So, how can Cocoa Butter help? Simple. Cocoa butter moisturizes the skin and enhances the production of collagen. This way, it keeps the skin nourished and healthy for a long time.

Why Cocoa Butter for stretch marks? Many consider Cocoa Butter as a wonder cure for stretch marks. There are several reasons for it. The first reason – Cocoa Butter is something that you can buy easily at an inexpensive price. Second reason, cocoa butter does not inflict any side effects on you. Third, cocoa butter is one of those medications, which can enter into the dermal layer of the skin and increase the production of collagen. Not all medications do it. Since stretch marks appear only on the epidermal layer, many creams and moisturizers cure only top layer of the skin. But the root cause for lack of collagen is in the dermis of the skin and that is why, cocoa butter is important in skin care.

No doubt you will find several brands of cocoa butter stretch mark creams in the market. But not all cocoa butter creams are safe and effective. Therefore, to select the best cocoa butter and stretch marks cream, you need to gather information about such creams and the different brands that sell them. Below are a few application tips:

Take cocoa butter in your palm and massage it over the stretch marks for about 5-10 minutes

The cocoa butter penetrates deep into the skin which may result in fast healing. Being a good moisturizer and lubricant, cocoa butter aids in increasing skin elasticity.

If you have sensitive skin, apply cocoa butter with skin healing ingredients like olive oil, or creams that contain more of vitamins A and E. For better results, apply several times a day.

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