The other side of Cocoa Butter: 3 side effects of Cocoa Butter

The other side of Cocoa Butter: 3 side effects of Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter has many benefits. No doubts about that. But it doesn’t mean that this natural remedy-for-many-ailments is without side effects. Cocoa butter too has its own set of side effects that may harm you, the user, in one way or another. This article will explore and analyze the most important side effects of cocoa butter made from cocoa beans.

Cocoa butter is vegetable fat which has been extracted from cocoa beans, which is otherwise called as theobroma oil. Cocoa butter contains oleic acid, stearic acid and palmitic acid. Rich in nutrients, cocoa butter contains vitamins B, minerals like magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc and others that are good for health. Typically used in lotions, cosmetics, sunscreens and soaps, cocoa butter is a great moisturizer that soothes the skin and makes it glow. Its nourishing properties are such that it smoothens and keeps the skin healthy even in extreme weather conditions. Cocoa butter also acts as an anti-aging cream by providing skin collagen and other benefits.

Cocoa Butter – Side effects: Cocoa butter can induce several conditions in people. Though a natural remedy, cocoa butter should be taken with caution as it contains triglycerides in 75 percent concentration. Some of the side effects of continuous intake of cocoa butter:

1. Obesity: With cocoa butter, you can become obese very fast. Sad but true. Cocoa butter contains high fat that contains more calories than required and hence, is a primary ingredient in white chocolate. It is also an important ingredient in dark chocolate and milk chocolate. Cocoa butter increases caffeine content in the body. So, it causes various side effects of which the most troublesome are weight gain or obesity. Similarly, the palmitic acid present in cocoa butter has a risk of increasing cholesterol in the blood levels which may cause even heart failures in people.

2. Skin allergies: Cocoa butter is a common ingredient in skincare products, especially fairness creams, skin care lotions, sunscreens etc. Though beneficial, it can cause allergies in certain people. If a person is not used to soothing lotions made of cocoa butter, allergic reactions can erupt, resulting in adult acne, peeling of skin, swelling, irritation, itching, rashes and more.

3. Heart ailments:
Cocoa butter is equal to heavy fat. For all its goodness, cocoa butter cannot be considered good for the heart. Wheezing and high cholesterol levels are the results. Cocoa butter is nothing but saturated fat that contains high bad cholesterol (LDL). With cholesterol comes problems in blood circulation, heart diseases, chronic ailments like diabetes etc. Since cocoa butter has high caffeine content, it can cause insomnia or headaches in consumers. Other side effects include constipation, digestion problems, colic in infants, chest pain, breathing difficulties etc. Respiratory problems are also very common with continuous intake of cocoa butter.

It is better to consult a skin care specialist who knows your skin allergies. You can test cocoa butter on small patches of your skin and await for two to three days to see any reactions on your skin. If you don’t find any adverse effects, then you can go ahead with cocoa butter usage.

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