5 general benefits of cocoa butter you should know

5 general benefits of cocoa butter you should know

Cocoa butter is a natural product which is unique from other products. Also known as theobroma oil or theobroma cacao which is made from cacao bean that is light yellow in color, cocoa butter is mostly used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Cocoa butter used in the preparation of suppositories and oral medications are mostly in capsule form. The use of cocoa butter in capsules and suppositories are safe and does not bring any harm to health.

Cocoa butter provides several health benefits with a high proportion of the CMP (polyphenol cocoa mass) which prevents one from heart disease and treats arthritis and dermatitis. Cocoa butter  also contains several antioxidants that help destroy skin cells which cause premature aging and therefore is an ideal product for skin care. Cocoa butter looks like solid cubes of white or ivory-colored fat when it is fresh and pure. We can  buy cocoa butter from health stores in the pure form or use it in face creams,  skin lotions  and skin care products or chocolates. Cocoa butter is the best  for skin care products as it makes our skin look good.

1. Used for making chocolate: Cocoa butter is used for making dark chocolate with milk and gives the chocolaty, smooth melting texture. Due to its long  life it is used to make cocoa powder also.

2. For moisturizing your  skin: Cocoa butter  is  used  for several products as it is rich in fat. The fat that is available in  cocoa butter moisturizes the skin, face and every other part of the body.  Cocoa butter makes the skin soft and is easily absorbed through the skin. It helps the nutrients to pass through the skin without blocking the air.  Since cocoa butter has a pleasant aroma, it relieves one from stress and helps relax when applied for body massage.

3. Treats PMS: Cocoa butter has levels of magnesium that prevents progesterone drop which leads to PMS. So, women can greatly benefit from including cocoa butter in their diet.

4. Acts as antioxidant: Antioxidants in cocoa butter act as scavengers of harmful effects of free radicals in the body. These free radicals damage cells of the living body, and so dark chocolates are considered very good for health. These antioxidants are found in cocoa butter flavonoids that protect the arteries and heart against the harmful effects of free radicals.

5. Treats skin disorders: Since cocoa butter is easily absorbed by skin and its antioxidant properties protects skin from harmful environmental elements, it is also used to treat and prevent stretch marks. Cocoa butter keeps the skin protected and hydrated.

Cocoa butter is also useful to relieve symptoms of skin diseases like eczema and dermatitis. Stable cocoa butter vegetable fats can be stored for 2-5 years. There are different benefits of cocoa butter for skin and overall health. These benefits of cocoa butter is most reliable for skin and  are  mostly used in many cosmetic products.

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